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Yuma Hotels: for the best hotel in Yuma, Arizona.
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Yuma Group Bookings: An excellent alternative for large groups in need of 5+ rooms.
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Mexico - Crossing the Border

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Crossing the Border

California border crossing into Algodones is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

There is parking on the U.S. side for a fee, and the walk across the border is rather effortless.

If driving across the border be sure to bring proper documentation, if you plan on returning to the U.S. Also, check with your local insurance company for coverage across the border. Many will cover you upto 15 miles across the border. It is recommended that you purchase Mexican car insurance from any of the vendors found on the U.S. side, prior to crossing the border. It may save you a lot of future frustration.

What to Expect

Expect to see more dentists and pharmacies in one location, than you could imagine. Most if not all are U.S. educated dentists and use the most upto date equipment and technology. The draw for those seeking their services across the border, is their proffessional workmanship at a fraction of the cost.

If a fear of commuication is holding you back, don't worry. English is spoken everywhere and by everyone.

Downtown Algodones is not very large, so be sure to check-out all of the shops before you settle to buy anything.

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